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Is An Installment Loans CANADA A Good Option For Me?

Is An Installment Loans CANADA A Good Option For Me?

Installment Loans – Broken car, the garage door has stopped working, the big appliance has exploded – the list goes on. Does one of these scenarios apply to you? Financial hardship is a stressful time for any individual. When cash is low and you need to borrow money quickly, you need to be aware of the types of loans available. Installment Loans CANADA offers a longer repayment period than a traditional payday loan. A payday loan is usually paid in full the next time you receive a paycheck. This repayment schedule can be restrictive, especially in already tense situations.


Installment loans – also called personal loans – offer more money than payday loans and allow you to repay the amount of your loan and interest on multiple payments, rather than paying them back at one time. offers installment loans of up to $ 2,500 for your urgent cash requirements.


  • With reasonable fixed payments, use your personal loan to finance a large purchase,
  • repay credit cards or cover unforeseen expenses.


  • Enjoy The Benefits Of Our Personal Loan

Cash Loans

  • Choose between $100 to $2500 with payment plans that stretch up to 24months.


  • Our Loans have no costly cover or hidden fees. Means you pay less-fees over time.

Build your Credit History

  • With our loan, you can progress your past credit rating by making regular on-time payments.

Affordable Payments

  • Fixed Payments | Fixed Rates | No Prepayment Penalties | Payments Never Go Up.

Excellent Customer Rating

  • Providing same day money solutions to Canadians for nearly two decades.

Approval within Minutes

  • Get started online | Quick & Easy Way.

Trust & Security

  • Costs as Low as $60 Biweekly
  • 46.93% APR on a $1,000 loan with a 12 month term.
  • Higher Loan Amounts of money than Payday Loans
  • Get up to $2500 at a cash advance location or online.

Quick Funding Options

  • Need Money Now? Get loan amount of money via INTERAC e-Transfer®.